Artificial Intelligence for Grocery Retail

Highly efficient individual promotions for grocery retail

So1’s powerful AI Targeting Engine truly understands what an individual consumer wants and adjusts promotions and discounts accordingly, such that revenue, profit or customer satisfaction are maximized. The individually optimized promotions can be delivered in realtime and across devices.

Individual Offers & Discounts powered by AI.

For each individual customer, the So1 Engine considers preferences, willingness-to-pay and likelihood to purchase a product. It then programmatically derives the best combination of product, time and discount per customer, aligned with the retailer’s objectives and restrictions.

    • -11%
    • -22%
    • -8%
    • -17%
    • -12%
    • -5%
    • -20%
    • -33%
    • -15%
    • -19%
    • -10%
    • -6%
  • The right Product

  • At The right Time

  • At The right Discount

  • To The right Customer

  • Fully Automated

The most advanced AI for Retail

An easy and lightweight POS integration allows the So1 Engine to train its AI on each retailer’s data in realtime. The resulting campaign feed can be delivered on any device – with the retailer staying in full control.

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  • Check-out

  • Promotional Newsletter

  • Mobile App

  • Website

  • Kiosk

  • Email

Why do Retailers choose us?

So1 is one of the driving forces of retailer digitalization: we offer cutting-edge technology based on scientific results with high customer acceptance.

  • Highly relevant 1:1 offers for customers across all channels

  • Substantial financial impact according to retailer goals

  • Increase in price-competitiveness while improving margins

  • +13 %

    Average Basket Size per user

  • 5x

    Single offer redemption rates

  • +44 %

    Margin via reduced price-offs

Impressive Results.

Results based on robust A/B testing methodologies, verified POS sales data from 500 retail partner stores, 84 million promotion feeds and 850,000 unique users

So1 outperforms any other promotion channel across categories

Up to 4 times higher ROI via So1 versus other promotion channels