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  • Saving money while shopping for groceries with individual prices (German only)
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  • 10/2017

    Short introduction of So1 as part of the Microsoft Accelerator program (German)

  • 09/2017

    Where robots advertise (German)

  • 09/2017

    Drug store Budni trusts in So1 promotion system (German)

  • 08/2017

    So1: artificial intelligence for highly efficient promotions (German)

  • 03/2017

    Programmatic in retail (German)

  • 01/2017

    About revolutionary programmatic advertising in grocery retail (German)

  • 12/2016

    Mondelez cooperates with Start-ups (German)

  • 10/2016

    Interview with Raimund Bau on Deutschland Radio Kultur (German)

  • 08/2016

    Entering the price war blindly (German)

  • 08/2016

    Penny tests individual coupons (German)

  • 05/2016

    Netto gives tailored discounts (German)

  • 05/2016

    Budni gives individual promotions (German)

  • 05/2016

    Budni is the first in the north of Germany to use individual promotion system (German)

  • 11/2015

    Customer retention: anonymous discounts (German)

  • 11/2015

    Fighting against discount-monotony (German)

  • 11/2015

    A tech-start up against discount-monotony (German)

  • 11/2015

    New promotion system gives individualized discounts (German)

  • 11/2015

    A personal special offer for everyone (German)

  • 10/2015

    Stephan Visarius joins Berlin-based start up So1 (German)

  • 07/2015

    Customers react to individual discounts (German)

  • 06/2015

    Kaiser’s to roll out anonymous loyalty card (German)

  • 03/2015

    Everyone has their own price (German)

  • 11/2014

    Saving system at Kaiser’s Berlin: Every customer pays a different price (German)

  • 11/2014

    Ten shopping baskets - and the customer is identified (German)

  • 11/2014

    Promising percentages (German)

  • 09/2014

    Every customer saves in a different way (German)