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Our powerful artificial intelligence truly understands what customers want and translates those insights into optimized promotional offers, so that an individual customer receives the right discount on the right product at the right time.

After defining the retailer’s goal (like incremental revenue, profit maximization or increased consumer loyalty) the system will fully automatically optimize promotions and discounts from a broad range of campaigns to achieve algorithmically the best outcome.

The system will adapt over time achieving better and better results the longer it runs while the retailer being always in full control.

So1 Smart Recommendations

Our So1 Engine creates a feed of content by ranking product-related information such as offers from circulars, coupons, product launches, and recipes according to a customer’s individual preferences and the retailer’s goals. The output is optimized to maximize customer satisfaction, redemption probability, and/or store sales.

So1 recognizes each customer’s preferences in order to:

  • e.g., announce an individual top 5 drawn from circular offers for the coming week
  • assemble personalized app/newsletter content from a pool of campaigns (e.g., “Strawberry season begins”)
  • better target couponing
Offer Pool

Circular, FSI, Coupons. Untargeted & unranked offers

So1 Recommendations

Offers targeted and ranked by customer preferences

So1 Optimized Discounts

The So1 Engine optimizes discounts or a loyalty currency according to the willingness-to-pay of an individual customer at a given time, such that revenue and/or profit are maximized. The So1 Engine is capable of determining if a customer will purchase campaign products anyway and thus drives truly incremental sales.


Circular, FSI, Coupons.
Same high discounts for all

  • 17 %
  • 30 %
  • 6 %

Individual discounts below
circular’s one.

Programmatic Promotions

Programmatic Promotions allow retailers to market efficient, individualized offer targeting to manufacturers. Brands receive a high-performing and performance-based tool for generating first sales and brand switching. Furthermore, important consumer behavior insights are provided in aggregated form. Brands can control and adjust offer distribution in real-time according to their specific needs. The retailer incurs no cost for creating and managing a campaign but retains full control.

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